14 Steps to Creating a Climate for Giving

How can ministry leadership create a climate for giving in your congregation? When church leaders cultivate growth in their congregation, they can open up the generosity of the parishioners who want to share in the glory of God. But it's important to consider the building blocks of creating a climate for giving.

In my years of ministry and donor relations, I have picked up on key steps that can help you grow your congregation’s generosity. It takes a blend of transparency, organization, and a personal touch that gives people a sense of belonging to a community and will want to contribute to the bounty of what God provides. When you lead by example, you show the value and benefits of generous and consistent stewardship.

  1. Carefully and prayerfully select a stewardship committee and recruit. Do not ask for volunteers.
  2. Thank people
  3. Share ministry stories
  4. Share personal faith stories
  5. Ask for written pledges (commitments)
  6. Thank people
  7. Conduct an organized program every year
  8. Use envelopes and distribute them monthly
  9. Promote electronic bank drafts
  10. Send quarterly record of giving (financial statements) in which you give figures and also THANK PEOPLE
  11. Offer financial management workshops
  12. Put a “steward’s corner” in the newsletter focusing on good news
  13. Use humor whenever possible
  14. Take 20 minutes of each committee meeting to study a chapter from a book or article on stewardship

These are just a handful of ways that you can begin developing your ministry’s donor outreach. People will give generously and repeatedly when you show them that their stewardship is valued and appreciated. I hope you have found these insights helpful and will take some time to share these tips with your parish leaders, volunteers, and committee members. When you make people have a feeling of belonging in a community, you can effectively create a climate for giving.