14 Steps to Creating a Climate for Giving in Your Congregation

  1. Carefully and prayerfully select a stewardship committee and recruit. Do not ask for volunteers.
  2. Thank people
  3. Share ministry stories
  4. Share personal faith stories
  5. Ask for written pledges (commitments)
  6. Thank people
  7. Conduct an organized program every year
  8. Use envelopes and distribute them monthly
  9. Promote electronic bank drafts
  10. Send quarterly record of giving (financial statements) in which you give figures and also THANK PEOPLE
  11. Offer financial management workshops
  12. Put a “steward’s corner” in the newsletter focusing on good news
  13. Use humor whenever possible
  14. Take 20 minutes of each committee meeting to study a chapter from a book or article on stewardship


The Joy of Fundraising

I was asked recently why I enjoy major gift fundraising so much.  I did not have to think very long to come up with my answer.

Simply put, it is the effect a major gift has—on the donor.

There is no question that a substantial financial donation can have a positive impact upon an organization and its mission.  What I love, however, is seeing the joy in a donor’s eyes when they make that decision.

Years ago I worked with an elderly gentleman who had been a dairy farmer his entire life.  He then made a fortune as a result of a natural gas find on his land.  At one point he said, “I have no idea what to do with all this money.”  As we listened to him on several visits, it became clear that he was personally devastated by the recent death of his wife and wanted to do something in her memory.  The result was a significant naming gift at the college’s student center.

I was moved the day I showed him his wife’s name on the wall of the student center.  He broke down in tears and told me he never thought he could do something so wonderful in memory of his wife.

He was experiencing grace upon grace.  His stewardship had uncovered God’s grace in his life—even in the midst of the tragedy of his wife’s death.

And what an honor to be there with him in that journey.