Decrease Your Dependence on Conference Funding

UMCRM National Gathering


Program Description:

As the landscape of the church changes, our strategies for raising undesignated funds must adapt. If we trust our primary source of income to any one bucket like the Conference, the churches, event fundraisers, or even fee-for-service, we leave our nonprofit vulnerable to financial risk. Building a strong diversified donor base of annual donors, recurring donors, major donors, and legacy donors provides the greatest level of stability for any nonprofit. Building a comprehensive “Donor First” model for funds development requires systematic, intentional relationship building. We must move from simply informing and asking to inspiring and thanking.

During this workshop, we will outline a proven and strategic annual activities calendar to ensure your organization captures donors from within congregations and beyond congregations. The calendar focuses on efforts that support relationship building with prospects, annual donors, recurring donors, major donors, and legacy donors. Using this method, Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, SC increased giving 85% in the first three years ($1.2 to $2.6 Million annually). They also added 7,000 new donors to the database in the first year. NovusWay Ministries increased giving 65% over a 12-month period during covid ($900K to $1.89 Million). They moved from 11 recurring donors giving $10K annually to more than 200 giving more than $200K annually.

Participants will receive an annual activities calendar they can use immediately to evaluate their own practices and implement changes as necessary. Each portion of the calendar will be reviewed for importance and implementation.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Defining donor types
  • Building a “Donor First” annual activities calendar to reach all 5 primary donor types
  • Learning methods for capturing the names of donors currently giving through their church
  • Outlining the steps necessary to increase your recurring donor database
  • Implementing necessary communication tools on a limited budget
  • Learning from the relationship traditions of your organization and making that work for you today


UMCRM National Gathering


January 26
10:15-11:30 am



Early Bird Registration: $350
Standard Registration: $400
Super Early Bird Registration: $300


Epworth By The Sea
St. Simons Island

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