Telling Your Staff’s Story will Increase Giving to the Ministry

UMCRM National Gathering


Program Description:

When we tell a Camper’s story for the purposes of fund raising, we are actually telling the story of our staff. Our front-line counselors work each day to build relationships and implement the models we teach them. They are the direct line to transforming the lives of our campers. This nuance in messaging is important, because donors are “paying” for those staff to transform lives. Sharing the connection between generosity and mission is the greatest relationship deposit we can make with a donor.

During this workshop, participants will learn the theory behind being “Donor First.” They will learn to identify fundraising messages that are damaging their ability to raise money. We will cover the appropriate messaging ratio between relationship deposits and relationship withdrawals. We will learn how to identify withdrawal language and reframe it to deposit language that will serve to strengthen engagement from donors. This critical foundational information will be used to help participants improve the way they tell their camper’s story and help donors see our work as the Agent of Change they are funding.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Learning the Donor First theory of making relationship deposits
  • Identifying damaging fundraising messages, we don’t realize we use
  • Establishing the appropriate ratio between relationship deposit language vs. withdrawal language.
  • We will learn to reframe withdrawal language to strengthen engagement from donors.
  • We will learn how to tell the camper’s story through the work of the staff to better connect the donor’s giving to our mission as the Agent of Change


UMCRM National Gathering


Wednesday, January 25
9:30-11:30 am



Early Bird Registration: $350
Standard Registration: $400
Super Early Bird Registration: $300


Epworth By The Sea
St. Simons Island

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