Why Monthly Donors are Better than Annual Fundraising Events

UMCRM National Gathering


Program Description:

The terms fundraising and development are often interchanged, but they actually mean two different things. One is about transactions and the other about relationship. A lot of camps rely on fundraising events for the bulk of their fundraising dollars each year, but events take a lot of staff time and often cost a lot of money to put on. They are also transactional instead of relationship based by nature.

Focusing more time on increasing the number of monthly donors you have will help provide a more diversified revenue stream that is predictable and sustainable. In this workshop we will weigh out the benefits of monthly donors and annual events and work through how to best do both. When Mitzie arrived at NovusWay Camping Ministry they had 11 recurring donors giving around $10K annually in total. Two years later, they had more than 200 recurring donors giving more than $210K each year. In this workshop you will learn her tactics for helping make this a reality.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Learning the difference between fundraising and development
  • Learning the real value of a “fundraising event”
  • Learning the real value of a recurring or monthly donor and how to grow the number of recurring donors to your organization


UMCRM National Gathering


Wednesday, January 25
2:30-3:45 pm



Early Bird Registration: $350
Standard Registration: $400
Super Early Bird Registration: $300


Epworth By The Sea
St. Simons Island

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