Forward momentum for your organization in 4 steps

Is your organization set up to maintain forward momentum during a crisis? What are your contingency plans for when trouble hits? GSB Consultant Evan Moilan shares his insights with you for navigating the troubled waters of our current day. With nearly 43 years in working with organizations that want to maintain their forward momentum, he has developed a four-step plan that helps keep your organization bulletproof when trouble arises. If you want to keep your organization above the stormy weather, it will be important for you and your leadership to keep these ideas in mind.

What you should know to keep your forward momentum going:

  1. Check-in with your governance. Create a line of succession for your leadership positions. Do you have a plan for when another pandemic hits?
  2. Turn to crisis communications. Communicate early and often and what channels you will communicate with your donors on.
  3. Check in with your people. Show that you care for your people when you call and maintain authentic relationships.
  4. Ask for mission. Find the people who are eager to step up and provide support during your time of need.

When a crisis hits this hard on a global scale, it becomes so easy to dwell on the destruction it causes. When an organization has a plan to navigate through these times of crisis, donors will see that they are contributing to a mission that matters. It’s important to keep your stewards and your congregation engaged during times of trouble. But it doesn’t help to dwell on the negative aspects of the situation. Reframe the conversation so that everyone is aware of what happens in the future. When you show that your organization is moving with a forward momentum confidently, that will instill confidence in your donors. Ask yourself this question. Are you prepared for what comes next?