NPO fundraisers: join the #HalfMyDAF Challenge

$120 billion charitable dollars. Billion. For charities. And it’s parked in Donor Advised Funds (DAF) waiting for urgency and inspiration to move donors to gift it. With so much uncertainty and instability across the country, now is the rainy day those funds have been waiting for - and the #HalfMyDAF Challenge is the incentive nonprofits have needed.

To encourage donors to tap into DAFs in support of nonprofit organizations whose work is so critical in navigating COVID-19 implications, economic disparity, racial justice, environmental concerns, and more, a California couple started the #HalfMyDAF Challenge. They’ve committed to matching $1.4 million to nonprofits supported by #HalfMyDAF Heroes who accept the challenge and divest half their DAFs by September 30.

This means you have a fresh incentive to grow giving among supporters.

Here’s how it works:
Through September 30, 2020, DAF donors can nominate nonprofits to be eligible for matching grants of up to $10,000— and in eight cases up to $25,000. There are two rounds of random drawings: the first round of 50 eligible matches on July 15, the second round of at least 100 eligible matches on September 30. In all, a minimum of 150 nonprofits will receive matching grants—a total of $1.4 million in additional funding.

Think you don’t have time to add this to your priorities? The #HalfMyDAF organizers have made it easy for nonprofits with a sample donor letter you can send out to your major donors. Don’t delay!