Fundraising Insights Stolen From A Thief

Bob Gronlund (1926 – 2007), GSB’s Founding Partner, used this phrase, now and then, when talking about people working in fundraising insights. Whether development directors of charities, pastors keen on stewardship, volunteers serving their favorite causes, and, yes, consultants, perhaps especially consultants, we all learn from each other.

The art of fundraising is very much an eclectic activity – picking up ideas, methods, insights, and programs that work…and noting well those that do not work.

Welcome to the GSB Blog. GSB people will be posting their observations and ideas. We’re eager to hear from you in response. Perhaps you’ll spark an idea…raise a question… look for clarification… and even challenge what’s presented.

Time was, not so long ago, there was no school to attend to learn fundraising. Even now formal schooling opportunities are very limited. On-the-job training was how we learned the trade. And it’s still true.

To be effective in fundraising and stewardship you learn as you go…pick the brains of colleagues…listen to seminars and presentations…search high and low for resources to make us better at our work.

At GSB we’re continually alert to discovering new ways – and to affirm the tried and true basics – to do fundraising and build sustaining development programs. We’ll be sharing with you what we learn and have learned so that together we can get better at this craft.

We’re all in this together, this wonderful world of gathering gifts for charitable causes, of teaching people the joy of giving and the joy of asking.

Please engage us. Send us emails. Give us a call. Join the gang of “thieves”.