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13 Ways a Church Can Be Like Camp. Learn from experiences of Managing Partner Richard Sayther.  Click here to read the paper.

Bible Study. Dr. Kay Conrad, a GSB Associate, has written Faithful Living/Joyful Giving, a thought-provoking study, suitable for small or large groups. Ties in with the six-week annual stewardship appeal. A Leaders Guide is included. Three-ring binder. Cost is $100 including shipping and handling.

Individual Study Booklet. Faithful Living+Joyful Giving - A guilt free stewardship study by Dr. Kay Conrad.  Cost is $5.00 each

Daily Devotional Guide. Prayerful Living Joyful Giving presents daily scripture references and prayers to coincide with the six-week annual giving appeal. Available from GSB. Cost is $.50 each.

Six Steps To Joyful Giving. Written by Dr. Robert Gronlund, founder of GSB, this folder lifts up clear steps people can take along their spiritual journey in giving. Available from GSB. Cost is $.25 each

Planned Giving Subscription Service. Have you wanted to promote Planned Giving more vigorously but felt you lacked the time or the know-how? Have you started a Planned Giving promotion and then had to drop the effort for lack of time or other reasons? If you have, then the GSB Planned Giving Promotion Subscription is for you!  Click here to see the brochure.