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Organizational Development

Vibrant organizations do not simply happen. Intentional development of the core of your operation is vital if you are to be the best you can be.GSB is ready to give you the benefit of decades of learning and experience in building charitable organizations. Many of our GSB Guides have served in top leadership positions in charities like yours.

Organizational Assessments and Audits will give you an accurate, forthright and caring evaluation of your operation as well as specific recommendations to move you forward. GSB’s Board Development workshops bring about positive changes in the behavior of your Board and its members, making the Board more effective.

If you have conflicts within your staff and/or board – if something is just not quite right – GSB can bring about healthy resolutions to get your people working better together.


Board Development: Customized one or two day workshops designed to guide your board toward more effective governance practices. Topics can include how to organize your board and volunteers, roles and responsibilities of staff and board members, how to run a meeting, board’s role in financial development, setting direction for the organization, addressing current challenges, and others. Workshops result in your board actually changing how it performs.

Organizational Assessments and Audits: GSB will guide you to become as healthy an organization as you can be. Maximize the working relationships between staff, board and volunteers. Keep your organization on track to accomplish your mission and energize those who participate with you in your work.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict is good… unless it is not managed well. When that happens, conflict leads to dysfunction, unhappy people, destructive behavior, and an organization failing in its mission. GSB’s professionally educated and on-the-job trained Guides will lead you through conflict to the world of creative resolution… and teach you how to better manage conflict, using it to your advantage.

Team Building and Communication: People with different styles of leadership can learn to work together joyfully and effectively. GSB will teach you how to build a sense of team and improve communication among your people.

Succession Planning: What happens when your top executive leaves, retires, or takes another position? Do you know what you’ll do to make the transition a smooth and positive experience? GSB will set up with you a succession process so you are ready when the inevitable change at the top happens.

Executive Search and Coaching: How do you find the right person to be your next executive leader? GSB’s search process is thorough, simple, time sensitive and gets results. Team up with GSB to prepare a job description, promote the position, review applications, conduct phone interviews,  preside at final in-person interviews, and guide you in your selection. GSB Guides are also able to journey along with your executive leaders – new or established – coaching them to become better in their work.