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Congregation Capital Campaigns

Big plans. Big goals. Big effort. Big money. Big risk. Capital campaigns can move your congregation to new heights. Substantial gifts accomplish significant goals. A sense of ownership of your congregation is enhanced. Buildings are built. Momentum for new ministry programs and services is created.

Capital campaigns are too important to fail… and too complex for you to try to do on your own.

GSB people are ready and eager to guide you on this part of your financial stewardship journey. We’ve been in your shoes as staff and volunteers. As consultants we’ve led scores of congregations in their capital campaigns and learned from those efforts.

Let us customize and design a capital fund drive just for you, personalized to fit your situation and capability. We’ll keep you from making mistakes others have made. And we’ll engage you in learning how to keep more gift income coming in long after your capital campaign has reached its successful destination.

Case Development for your Capital Project: GSB will design with you the story of your capital project, clarifying the need, urgency, importance and plans which will inform and motivate people to give.

Master Site & Building Plans: GSB can lead you through the assessment of your site, location of proposed buildings, design of new buildings and updating of current facilities. Good plans, professionally prepared, are essential for successful capital campaigns.

Focus Groups: Involving people in the planning process of capital projects means a stronger response to the fundraising effort. GSB will set you up to do your own Focus Groups to generate understanding and support for your project.

Feasibility Study: When you can’t answer key questions that will assure a successful capital campaign, conduct a feasibility study. Test what people think of your project, of your work, of the goal and timing of a campaign. Take the risk out of a campaign. Call on GSB to direct your Feasibility Study and gain valuable insights that will lead to success.

Capital Campaign: GSB will custom design a campaign to fit your situation. Building on time-tested principles and proven methodologies, GSB will personalize your campaign and make sure it fits into the long-term plan for your stewardship development program. Raise big money. Raise up volunteers and staff excited and competent in financial stewardship. Lift your congregation to new heights of ministry.