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About Us

Serving Charities and Congregations Since 1976

GSB’s mission: Strengthening charitable causes to change the world through generosity


Three Things We Bring To You

One: Passion
We have a passion for philanthropy – the art of giving and asking for gifts. We’ve been along to see individual lives changed for the better, institutions and congregations strengthened, communities healed and society made better.

Our passion is also to help people like you – leaders and workers – develop this same passion for raising funds for the worthy causes of the world. We approach our work as your guide on your journey with a passion that’s contagious.

Two: Urgency
We understand the urgent unmet human need which your organization seeks to address: food, clothing, shelter, health, education, spiritual development, artistic expression, natural disasters, counsel and comfort, poverty, crisis, mentoring, and others.

We understand how urgently you need funds to carry out your work, to do what you can to meet these human needs.

This sense of urgency is ever present in us as we work with you to build development programs that will grow and live on, gaining momentum and dollars to hasten you on your journey of responding to people’s needs.

Three: Mission
As we journey together your mission becomes our mission.

Your mission –the cause which brought your organization into being – becomes paramount for us too. We do everything we can to make you stronger, more effective, more productive, more flexible, and more equipped to reach your mission destination.

Together we join in another mission, a very personal mission… it’s to help people become more generous.

This common mission empowers individuals to become more aware of the human needs in their communities, country and world… to be sensitive to neighbors who need help… to become involved with causes that bind us together as a country and lift our spirits.

Together we guide people to discover the joy of giving and the joy of asking for gifts.


Six Guiding Principles

  1. We listen, and then help our clients build a program they need and which fits them, their situation and their budget.
  2. We specialize in general development consulting, focusing on the basics of fund raising, public relations and organizational management.
  3. Each service is designed to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the client.
  4. We serve clients with a wide variety of development needs from beginning a fund raising program to conducting major capital campaigns, feasibility studies, endowment and planned giving programs.
  5. Our services are flexible, client focused, practical, results oriented, ethical and customized.
  6. We are an experienced teacher and friend to our clients, enjoying our partnership in common mission and ministry.


Seasoned Guides Lead The Way

When you travel with GSB, you never walk alone. Talented partners and associates comprise the GSB Team – experts who can be drawn upon at a moment’s notice. It’s reassurance that your journey, no matter the bumps along the way, will be successful. You will reach your destination.