Introducing Your Ministry to Potential Donors

How are you portraying your ministry? Small, intimate events are a wonderful way to introduce prospective donors to your ministry and its mission. There are critical elements that will make-or-break—these events:

Encourage your best donors to invite friends, colleagues, or other members of their congregation. Not only is this a great way to build attendance, it involves your current donors and helps cultivate their dedication and continued support.

Keep the event SHORT. From the moment attendees arrive to the time they are free to leave, no more than an hour should have elapsed. If done well, many will choose to stay and visit anyway.

The speakers should include the CEO and the host donor. The host donor speaks to why the ministry is so important to them; the CEO should share a bit about the mission and how it is changing lives for the better; and the host donor thanks attendees for coming and encourages them to welcome a visit from staff in the coming week. The event adjourns. Most importantly, each one speaks PASSIONATELY and BRIEFLY.

Attendees should fill out some type of contact card, with the understanding that staff will be calling within one week to follow up and invite engagement in the ministry.

FOLLOW UP! This event is simply a waste of time and money if you expect the prospective donors to call you. Do not wait…carpe diem!