Strong stewardship: the keys during crisis

What does it mean to have strong stewardship? How do we consider beginning a culture of generosity? Many conversations among bishops, pastors, and congressional staff have been held to address this very topic and the answer is clear. 2020 is a critical year that requires a solid stewardship response in the midst of the pandemic. How can people stay focused during these times of uncertainty?

How do you promote stewardship in this kind of atmosphere? It’s so important to ask these questions when times are tough because it serves as a gut check for organizations and how they respond to times of trouble. When we move past this pandemic, will we have the culture in place that has built strong stewardship and strengthened the community as a whole?

The answer lies in beginning a culture of generosity. In the video above, Reverend Mike Ward shares his thoughts on these turbulent times. He tells about the important conversations that are taking place between the spiritual community and Capitol Hill to create avenues for community giving and strong stewardship. Because above all, there is a God of abundance and He provides even during a recession.

Here’s the ultimate goal of beginning a culture of generosity. Begin a culture shift within our congregations that will return community giving to at least 2019 levels. How do we work together on this? We have developed an outline that will help organizations navigate through tough times and instill confidence in their donors. Strong stewardship grows from strong leadership.