plan out your future goals

Strategic & Operational Planning

Strategic Planning: 3-5 years stretch goals. Who are we? What do we do? What do we value? Where do we want to go and be in 5 years? Operational Planning: 2 years or less. More maintenance in nature as we address a few major problems or issues in the next 12 months.

analysis of your development program

Financial & Facility Audits

An analysis of your development program’s capabilities and performance resulting in a detailed plan of action to advance your development efforts for the next three to five years. This is the first step in creating a new development program or in bringing new life to an existing program.

analysis of your development program

Organizational Assessments

Concise evaluation of your organization’s health including staff performance and capabilities, board governance, conflict resolution, team building and communication.

analysis of your development program

Team Building & Development

People with different styles of leadership can learn to work together joyfully and effectively. GSB will teach you how to build a sense of team and improve communication among your people.

analysis of your development program

Board Development

Customized one or two day workshops designed to guide your board toward more effective governance practices. Topics can include how to organize your board and volunteers, roles and responsibilities of staff and board members, how to run a meeting, board’s role in financial development, and more.

analysis of your development program

Executive & Team Search

How do you find the right person to be your next executive leader? GSB’s search process is thorough, simple, time sensitive and gets results. Team up with GSB to prepare a job description, promote the position, review applications, conduct phone interviews, and more.

analysis of your development program

Succession Planning

What happens when your top executive leaves, retires, or takes another position? Do you know what you’ll do to make the transition a smooth and positive experience? GSB will set up with you a succession process so you are ready when the inevitable change at the top happens.