Estate Planning Help

GSB has partnered with Gentreo so that you can create an estate plan, including legally-binding and state-specific documents. Start with your Will and get much more – like Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney, Pet Powers of Attorney and Trusts and more for only $85. We chose to partner with Gentreo because their system makes it simple to include your favorite charity as part of your estate plan.

Gentreo is built to address the specific challenges that families face in building, managing, and sharing their estate plans.

Get Started by contacting:

Jim Schade, Consultant
418 Wren Cir
Brookings, SD 57006

Stewardship For All Seasons Handbook

GSB has created a 129 page Handbook (available in English and Spanish) that each congregation receives to help reinforce GSB’s guidance. The Handbook is your roadmap. It provides all the detailed information of the multi-year process for building a stewardship development program including:

  • seasons in the development year.
  • How-to-guide to conduct an annual giving appeal.
  • Leader’s Manual with step-by-step action plans, sample materials, calendars and checklists for the appeal.
  • Evaluation And Planning to learn from stewardship activities and to progress every year toward more productive annual, capital and endowment efforts.
  • Study resources recommended to deepen understanding of Christian stewardship.
  • preparation for a capital campaign, special appeals, promoting and securing estate gifts for endowment, and increasing giving through assets and current income.

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Resources For Purchase

  • Abundance: Creating a Culture of Generosity | $15.99

    This book by pastor and certified fund raising executive (CFRE) Michael R. Ward provides church leaders a resource to lead their congregations to a new culture of generosity and abundance that raises more money as well as more disciples. Written specifically with pastors, congregation councils, finance committees, and stewardship teams in mind, this book encourages and guides a process of study, reflection, and action that is clear and practical.

  • Clear, Calm, and Connected | $16.99

    Clear, Calm, and Connected offers wisdom on leadership drawn from common ministry scenarios, family systems thinking, and Scripture. Paul E. Walters and Robert F. Holley provide insights and tools to help ministry leaders serve congregations more effectively and conduct their personal life with more grace. The book is an excellent leadership training tool for boards, committees, or teams and for leaders working to discern mission, define roles, and respond to conflict.

  • Bible Study | $150 eachBlue Arrow Right

    Dr. Kay Conrad, a GSB Associate, has written Faithful Living/Joyful Giving, a thought-provoking study, suitable for small or large groups. Ties in with the six-week annual stewardship appeal. A Leaders Guide is included. Three-ring binder. Cost is $150 including shipping and handling.

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  • Individual Study Booklet | $7.50 eachBlue Arrow Right

    A guilt free stewardship study by Dr. Kay Conrad. Cost is $7.50 each.

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  • Daily Devotional Guide | $2.50 eachBlue Arrow Right

    Prayerful Living Joyful Giving presents daily scripture references and prayers to coincide with the six-week annual giving appeal. Available from GSB. Cost is $2.50 each.

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  • 6 Steps to Joyful Giving | $.75 eachBlue Arrow Right

    Written by Dr. Robert Gronlund, founder of GSB, this folder lifts up clear steps people can take along their spiritual journey in giving. Available from GSB. Cost is $.75 each

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