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Culture of Generosity

Telling Impact Stories

Use our proven practice of identifying, capturing, and telling stories of impact and generosity that will lead others to take action to advance your mission. During our CAGA Storytelling Workshops learn to capture the passion of your work and match it to purpose to grow your annual fund, volunteer pool, planned giving efforts, and capital campaigns.

  • Telling Impact Stories: Inside of every type of marketing, the foundation must be telling the story of your organization’s impact. If you aren’t impacting the lives of others, then why spend time on the work? If you are, then the world needs and wants to know that. Are you struggling to find stories? Are your stories evoking response from your constituents?
  • Stories with Purpose: Telling stories about our ministry needs a level of passion and excitement that is contagious, but it also needs a purpose. We need to use every moment and every story to engage constituents in our work and encourage them to act. We can teach you and your team how to identify, capture and tell stories that grow support.
  • Who Should Be Sharing: As agency leaders, we should not depend on the camper, parishioner, or client to tell/write the story the way we need it told. Instead, begin by interviewing them with your agency needs in mind. Everyone in the organization can be a story collector, but those with the task of advancing the mission should be telling the stories for impact.

Estate Giving Help?

GSB has partnered with Gentreo to make it easy for your organization’s members to remember your organization as part of their legacy plans and also so that you can support your members by providing them with an easy and affordable estate planning solution. Gentreo gives your members the tools to protect their choices, assets and loved ones throughout the changing circumstances of life. Gentreo offers state specific legally binding documents including a Will-based or Trust-based estate plan; Health Care Proxy; Power of Attorney; Pet Power of Attorney; and more for only $85.00.

We chose to partner with Gentreo because their services make it simple to include favorite charities as part of an estate plan.

Why use Gentreo?

  • Gentreo offers planned and major giving tools that non-profit organizations can offer to their members
  • It’s free for your organization, only $9.99 a month ($99 a year) for members
  • Increase your planned giving while helping your members protect their families
  • Personalized messages, documents and co-branding available free of charge
  • Help your members throughout the estate planning process with free educational materials, webinars, events, and more.

Get Started! Contact:

Jim Schade, Consultant
418 Wren Cir
Brookings, SD 57006

Succession Planning

What happens when your top executive leaves, retires, or takes another position? Do you know what you’ll do to make the transition a smooth and positive experience? GSB will set up with you a succession process so you are ready when the inevitable change at the top happens.

Executive & Team Search

How do you find the right person to be your next executive leader? GSB’s search process is thorough, simple, time sensitive and gets results. Team up with GSB to prepare a job description, promote the position, review applications, conduct phone interviews, preside at final in-person interviews, and guide you in your selection. GSB Guides are also able to journey along with your executive leaders – new or established – coaching them to become better in their work.

Board Development

Customized one or two day workshops designed to guide your board toward more effective governance practices. Topics can include how to organize your board and volunteers, roles and responsibilities of staff and board members, how to run a meeting, board’s role in financial development, setting direction for the organization, addressing current challenges, and others. Workshops result in your board actually changing how it performs.

Team Building & Development

People with different styles of leadership can learn to work together joyfully and effectively. GSB will teach you how to build a sense of team and improve communication among your people.

Organizational Assessments

GSB will guide you to become as healthy an organization as you can be. Maximize the working relationships between staff, board and volunteers. Keep your organization on track to accomplish your mission and energize those who participate with you in your work.

Financial & Facility Audits

Diagnostic Assessment Planning: A one-time process to uncover organizational needs, and then select from the range of options available in organizational development which will meet those needs.

Vision Planning: Moving into the future “thinking outside of the box” as we dream new ways to achieve your mission.

Master Site & Facility Audits: An assessment of current facilities and existing site plans in light of program needs and future plans. Recommendations are given to affirm, adjust or redesign facilities, siting of buildings, and land use.

Master Site Planning: Preparation of a comprehensive plan to utilize the land, current buildings and future expansion.

Financial Development Audits & Planning: An analysis of your development program’s capabilities and performance resulting in a detailed plan of action to advance your development efforts for the next three to five years. This is the first step in creating a new development program or in bringing new life to an existing program.

Strategic & Operational Planning

Strategic Planning: 3-5 years stretch goals. Who are we? What do we do? What do we value? Where do we want to go and be in 5 years?

Operational Planning: 2 years or less. More maintenance in nature as we address a few major problems or issues in the next 12 months.