You can’t do fundraising in a vacuum. People need to know who you are, what you do, whom you benefit and how others can help. Relationships with your constituency groups are crucial to building support. You need to know what people think of you, their impressions and opinions of you and your work. You must influence and control the image you project.  If you don’t shape the impressions people have of your organization, someone else will.

GSB’s public relations people guild you along the path to effective communication and marketing. Let GSB lead you through the maze and reach into the hearts and minds of the people you want to reach… and be set up to contact people you don’t even know are looking for you.

Public Relations Audits. Review your organization’s image, brand, promotion methods and materials, and overall strategy for creating awareness and involvement. GSB people experienced in the rapidly changing world of public relations will give you practical advice to improve your communication.

Marketing Strategies. Find new participants in your programs. Develop detailed work plans to accomplish the goals you set for increased engagement with people. GSB will lead you to new markets and show you how to dig deeper into those you already have.

Graphic Design. Logo creation or updates. Design of printed material for all your fundraising and public relations efforts can be accomplished through GSB’s graphics people.

Website, Social Media, DVD. GSB has accomplished and creative people to guide you in this dynamic venue of communication.

Consultation. GSBwill walk with you, day by day, as you carry out the Marketing Strategy and become more effective in promoting your organization. Learn from the GSB experienced Guides and grow your markets.