Stewardship For All Seasons

“Do it yourself Stewardship.” That’s at the heart of GSB’s Stewardship For All Seasons (SAS). Created to teach pastors and congregation leaders how to design and carry out their own stewardship program, SAS will guide you to increased giving each year. Your congregation won’t have to languish for lack of money to fulfill its mission.

You’ll learn how to build a stewardship program that gets better and more productive each year. People will study the Bible, talk about generosity and money, learn the joy of giving and the joy of asking, and have an enjoyable time doing it.

Taking skills, experiences and know-how from over 35 years of working with charities and congregations, GSB has developed a way of teaching you how to do stewardship development. That’s the key word, development, day after day development – not just looking for the latest and greatest stewardship idea. You can learn to do it yourself.

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Seasons: learn the Four Seasons of Stewardship, how they work together to help your people become more generous and to generate more funds for your ministry.

Annual Giving Appeal: Learn the basics of putting together an appeal for increased giving: focus your message, write your own material, engage your people, inspire them to respond, energize them to build their giving year after year. GSB can guide you into do it yourself annual giving appeals.

Special Gifts Appeal: A project or need not in the budget. Consider a Special Gifts Appeal. Congregations have found that one or two of these special efforts during the year can make project possible and also motivate people to keep on giving more.

Stewardship Seminars: Learning the basics of sound biblical stewardship becomes a foundation for effective stewardship work by your leaders and members. Workshops involve people in applying stewardship principles to their lives and to your congregation’s life.

Bible Study: Dr. Kay Conrad, a GSB Associate, has written Faithful Living+Joyful Giving, a thought-provoking study, suitable for small or large groups. Ties in with the six-week annual stewardship appeal. A Leaders Guide is included. (Available from GSB here)

Individual Study Booklet: Faithful Living+Joyful Giving – A guilt free stewardship study by Dr. Kay Conrad. Cost is $5.00 ea. (Available from GSB here)

Daily Devotional Guide: Prayerful Living+ Joyful Giving presents daily scripture references and prayers to coincide with the six-week annual giving appeal. (Available from GSB here)

Six Steps To Joyful Giving: Written by Dr. Robert Gronlund, founder of GSB, this folder lifts up clear steps people can take along their spiritual journey in giving. (Available from GSB here)

Stewardship For All Seasons Handbook: GSB has created a 129 page Handbook that each congregation receives to help reinforce GSB’s guidance. The Handbook is your roadmap. It provides all the detailed information of the multi-year process for building a stewardship development program. (Available from GSB here)

Synods, congregations and church leaders are delighted with the success of Stewardship for All Seasons. You could have similar success.

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