Telling Impact Stories

Use our proven practice of identifying, capturing, and telling stories of impact and generosity that will lead others to take action to advance your mission. During our Anchor Storytelling Workshops learn to capture the passion of your work and match it to purpose to grow your annual fund, volunteer pool, planned giving efforts, and capital campaigns.

  • Telling Impact Stories: Inside of every type of marketing, the foundation must be telling the story of your organization’s impact. If you aren’t impacting the lives of others, then why spend time on the work? If you are, then the world needs and wants to know that. Are you struggling to find stories? Are your stories evoking response from your constituents?
  • Stories with Purpose: Telling stories about our ministry needs a level of passion and excitement that is contagious, but it also needs a purpose. We need to use every moment and every story to engage constituents in our work and encourage them to act. We can teach you and your team how to identify, capture and tell stories that grow support.
  • Who Should Be Sharing: As agency leaders, we should not depend on the camper, parishioner, or client to tell/write the story the way we need it told. Instead, begin by interviewing them with your agency needs in mind. Everyone in the organization can be a story collector, but those with the task of advancing the mission should be telling the stories for impact.