Staff Giving Campaign Leadership Effectiveness

This week I witnessed a staff giving campaign kickoff at a large organization with which I am working. This was a different experience for me, however. Among the almost 80 staff in attendance, there was an excitement surrounding the kickoff that I have never before encountered.

The staff giving campaign leadership actually kept secret the date and time that the pledge sheets would be distributed, because there is great competition to be the first team to turn in their forms.

What does that say about the organization? What does that say about the staff? What does that say to external donors?

First, it tells me that the organization leadership involved many stakeholders in developing the mission of the organization. The staff was involved not only in the development of the mission statement, but is responsible for sharing that mission with the public (regardless of their position or role within the agency). The staff at every level is also held accountable for achieving the mission.

It tells me that staff trusts management. Staff will not give for the same reasons that external donors will not give, and one of the main reasons frequently given is lack of trust in leadership.

External donors are going to look at this ministry and feel comfortable that their gifts will be used well, because there is 100% staff giving participation. They will note the same dedication.

Does your organization have 100% giving by your staff and board? Do you even give them the opportunity? If you have asked and some or even many have declined, what does that say about the state of your mission? Is it time to take a long hard look at your ministry’s mission and vision?