Strategic Plans Map the Post-Pandemic Way Forward

When this is over… When we’re “back to normal”... Every sector of every industry has experienced forced disruptions in the last few months, challenging imperfect systems in education, healthcare, workplace operations, commerce, service delivery, and more.

For those eager to “return to normal”, I challenge that there is no way back. At least maybe there shouldn’t be…not to the same imperfect systems. Despite some of the systems we’ve come to rely on being broken or outdated, we’ve continued to use them because the necessary change is difficult, exhausting work and we have been unable to imagine a better way.

The year 2020 is a catalyst for change. Pining to revert to pre-pandemic times dismisses the reality that the world around us has changed. While the United States experiences record-high unemployment and current projections indicate that we’re unlikely to rebound from this deep economic crisis for five years or more, the demand for nonprofit services and supports will continue to rise. Normal is now. This is the new normal. It demands that we evolve.

Many GSB clients are revisiting their strategic plans with a fresh perspective in response to this changing environment. Some are creating strategic plans for the first time – even while adjusting to obstacles in service delivery, disruptions to programming, and uncertainty around future service trends.

It’s critical to make time for planning. Don’t squander this time waiting for things to return to pre-pandemic normalcy. Create a proactive plan for the next 3 years to address revenue growth and program depth with the anticipation that this new normal will continue to impact the people you serve and the way your organization operates.

If you don’t have a current strategic plan, now is the time to develop one.
If the plan you have has grown stale, now is the time for a fresh start.

What’s the point of a strategic plan?

A good plan:

  • casts an inspiring vision for the change in the world the organization hopes to create
  • articulates the values and commitments the organization holds, ensuring the organization stays true to its aim
  • guides decisions on how, when, and by what methods measurable goals are pursued
  • does not bind or hinder the organization from being nimble to respond to changing external trends.

To develop a strategic plan that moves your organization forward despite future uncertainty, contact one of GSB’s consultants for a conversation.