Generosity it there, it just needs to be inspired and asked

And Still

King of Kings Lutheran Church had not invited members of the congregation to return a pledge card or intent card in at least a decade. As a mid-sized congregation in the middle-class suburbs of Detroit, they were mostly comfortable. In general, they had the money for what they needed, and things were going along fine.

This fall, they signed up for Stewardship for All Seasons. They pondered their mission. They considered plans and goals for the coming year. Their goals were fairly typical. They wanted to invest in youth and children’s ministries, care for the needs of the community, and sustain ministry excellence.

Then, with guidance from their GSB Consultant, they began telling stories. Week after week, folks shared their passion for the ministry at King of Kings. When the intent cards started being returned they were overwhelmed. In the first couple of weeks, they had already received an increase in commitments of over $80,000 and exceeded their original goal by 30%.

“For the first time, we’ll be limited only by our visioning instead of our resources,” said Pastor David Parker. It seems like God has big plans for the congregation.

The people of King of Kings were ready; generosity was there, and still, they needed to be inspired and asked.

Stewardship for All Seasons provided the framework and encouragement for those things to happen. Now, the question is: What are they going to do with all the additional financial resources? What is the big dream God is calling them to?

Mitzie Schafer