Manassas, VA

Bethel Lutheran Church

Bethel Lutheran Church was facing a big deficit. Bethel Lutheran Church’s Pastor Jeff Wilson reached out to GSB Fundraising because the congregation was facing a $40,000 deficit and had no more reserves upon which to rely.

Pastor Jeff heard about GSB through other local churches who not only achieved their financial goals but experienced important cultural changes as well. Consultant Paul Marsh helped Bethel’s leaders develop a special appeal to fill that $40,000 gap.

“I was skeptical at first. As a pastor, I constantly hear from organizations that want to offer their service. In early 2019, our best financial projections were dire. Our leaders took a risk and we started working with Paul. We were surprised at the focus on ministry and gratitude. Our congregation felt a sense of clarity, purpose, and hope that we could close the gap. We not only met, but exceeded our goal! The congregation’s generosity helped our leaders focus more on ministry than on money, and we have a strong sense of confidence and thankfulness as we begin 2020.” – Pastor Jeff

GSB Fundraising’s mission is strengthening charitable causes to change the world through generosity. At GSB Fundraising, we have a passion for philanthropy – the art of giving and asking for gifts. We have a large team of partners and consultants that make up GSB Fundraising.

We are in the business of creating lasting relationships with organizations whose missions depend on creating a sense of stewardship among its members. Learn more about creating a culture of generosity here.

Located across the country, each consultant comes from a background in fundraising and drive to help non-profit organizations succeed. Talented partners and associates comprise the GSB Team – experts who can be drawn upon at a moment’s notice.

It’s reassurance that your journey, no matter the bumps along the way, will be successful. You will reach your destination. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Paul N Marsh