Winston Salem, North Carolina

Epiphany Lutheran Church & The Souper Bowl of Caring

Epiphany Lutheran Church in Winston Salem Shows Generosity. GSB consultants work tirelessly to create programs and strategies that drive fundraising results. We were contacted by Pastor Russell Peek of Lutheran Church of the Epiphany in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Their congregation grew their culture of generosity with the Souper Bowl of Caring, which supports local food banks in northwest North Carolina. We would like to thank them for their generosity in the community and congratulate them for their congregation’s impact.
Hi Mike, 

I hope you’re well.  

I wanted to share with you a sign of God’s goodness I saw at Epiphany with the Souper Bowl of Caring. In the SAS training you’ve reminded me the importance of goals (i.e. $x  or items of food will do this). Here’s the email that I’m sending out to the congregation:  

Dear Epiphany Family,

I wanted to share some good news with you about the Souper Bowl of Caring. 

 Our original goal was to collect 500 items for Christ’s Beloved Community and $500 for Second Harvest of NW NC.  If we did that, we’d be able to provide 3,500 meals for hungry people.  I thought that was a good goal that would make a difference in our community. 

A funny thing happened as soon as I announced that goal.  As I was getting updates from Mickey, it became pretty apparent we were going to exceed it.  I didn’t know by how much, so I thought it would be wise to put forward a challenge goal of 1,000 items of food and $1,000 so that we could provide 7,000 meals.

During the week, several people stopped by the church and dropped off canned goods.  Families from our EECC dropped off donations.  Then for two hours last Saturday a steady stream of cars stopped by the church.  By the time we had finished putting all the canned goods away, we ran out of energy and said we would count them this week.   

We’ve finally finished counting food and monetary donations and wow!  We collected (drum roll, please) 1,534 items of food for Christ’s Beloved Community and $2,937 for Second Harvest of NW North Carolina!    

What that means is that Epiphany is providing over 21,000 meals to hungry people in our community.

You crushed it, Epiphany!  I’m so proud of your extreme generosity and willingness to provide food to the hungry in our community.  I give God thanks that Epiphany continues to be a place that helps to make a positive impact with hunger in our community.    

God’s Peace,

Pastor Russell

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