Just Numbers & Reading Spreadsheets

A shift in the business model for the UMC Camp and Retreat Ministries Association has created a growing need to implement a strong development department.

“We are a fairly new organization,” said Jessica Gamachè the director. “We started in 2013 as a membership model with set fees, but in 2020 shifted to a donation model.” They shifted from saying, “pay this much to be a member,” to asking their partners to discern the value of the relationship and make a donation accordingly. 

Jessica was intrigued by the new Center for Generosity Round Table Discussion on Wealth Screening led by Evan Moilan, GSB Consultant. “As a newish organization thinking about development and donor relationships, this topic was very timely for us,” she shared. “Evan explained what wealth screening is and its value. He helped me see that it was more than a tool for whom to ask and for what amount. He explained it as a lens to deepen relationships and how to identify donors who have a passion for our ministry.”

During the discussion, donors came to mind for Jessica. “We have a new volunteer who hasn’t made a gift yet, but through wealth screening, I will be able to confirm if she has the potential for a major gift. I can build a better understanding of who she is as a person.”

Jessica didn’t simply just listen to the discussion and have affirming thoughts. The conversation led her to action. She attended the office hours with Evan that afternoon where they took a deeper dive into her organization’s needs. She is already looking at budget impact for 2022 and 2023.

“Before the Round Table, I just thought Wealth Screening was about numbers and reading spreadsheets. Now, I realize it is more about a portfolio of an individual and a tool I can use to deepen conversations with potential donors.”

Jessica Gamachè is the Director of the UMC Camp and Retreat Ministries Association