Kimball Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kannapolis

Looking to Future in Kannapolis, North Carolina

Kimball Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kannapolis is an “average” congregation in many ways. With an average worship attendance of approximately 165 persons weekly, served by a pastor, a deacon, and support staff.

But, different from many congregations, Kimball Memorial gives its energy to the present and its vision for the future. This is a congregation on the move!

The congregation has worked in partnership with GSB to successfully complete a capital campaign to enhance and upgrade its ministry facilities. They invested energy in strengthening the stewardship and generosity culture within the congregation. Now, Kimball Lutheran is taking a big focused step toward the future.

The congregation has engaged the services of GSB consultant, Mitzie Schafer, to lead them into the development of a strong endowment program to ensure the congregation’s continued ministry into the future.

There was some reluctance among the congregation’s leadership. Good questions were asked about the need for an endowment and the process by which endowment goals could be reached. The initial meeting of the team provided an opportunity for those questions to be answered. An enthusiastic response at the conclusion of that session has now positioned the planning to continue with confidence.

Pastor John Futterer is excited! He wrote, “Mitzie came across to our groups as extremely competent and well prepared . . . but also most concerned about our congregation, our congregation’s history and ethos, and how to strengthen our congregation moving forward. I just wanted you to know how very pleased we were with her and her work among us.”

Mitzie reports that congregation members have already begun sharing with the pastor their anticipation of the completion of endowment by-laws so they can complete the necessary paperwork for their own generous legacy gift to the congregation. 

The members of Kimball Memorial have a vision for the future of their ministry and are ready to include that vision in their stewardship!

Mitzie Schafer, GSB Consultant