Trinity Lutheran, Owatonna & ELCA Youth Ministry Network

Raising the Bar

Rev. Todd Buegler at Trinity Lutheran in Owatonna is no stranger to working with GSB Fundraising, which is why we asked him to help us evaluate the Center for Generosity beginning in July. “I have been to all the Round Tables so far and taken something from each of them,” he shared.

“It would have been great to have heard the one on Crisis Management 18 months ago before the pandemic, but it was affirming to realize we had done some things well because of our previous work with GSB.”When the pandemic hit, they wrestled with how to connect their members to continued generosity when they weren’t coming into the worship space each week. “We reverted back to something Mike (Ward) taught us,” he shared. “We started thanksgiving moments before the offering again and it helped.”

In light of the rapidly changing messaging required during the pandemic, Todd felt the Storytelling Round Table lead by Deacon Mitzie Schafer was the most helpful. “We had been trying to do small magazine messages instead of newsletters, and part of the Round Table with Mitzie affirmed that decision. The reminder to tell stories that inspire generosity and share impact was important. I have been using her Donor First, Deposit language as a measure or messaging since the Round Table.”

Through previous support as clients of GSB, Todd and his team learned valuable skills to grow generosity to the ministry. Through the work of the new Center for Generosity, they were reminded of those skills and best practices. Through the ongoing accountability and support the Center offered, they found direction and affirmation. “We had been trying to figure out how to raise the bar, and the Round Table discussion helped move us closer.”

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Rev. Todd Buegler, Trinity Lutheran, Owatonna and ELCA Youth Ministry Network