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"You always seem to be on target and are well-versed in development."

"Thank you for the wonderful educational program you put on for us. Everyone thought it was one of the best we ever had."

"Thank you for all the many benefits your efforts have brought to our institution. You have helped us mature and grow."

"Your analysis of our needs and the assistance you have provided us in systematically implementing your recommendations have brought us farther along in two short years than we would have imagined possible."

"You are different than other consultants with whom I have worked. You listen, then help us build a program we need and which fits us and our situation."

"Sometimes I'm not sure that the money we pay consultants gives us a return, but you have been worth every dime!"

"What I especially like about your services, unlike most consultants I have had, is that you don't try to sell us a Cadillac when all we need and can handle is a Volkswagen."

"I didn't think all the work was worth it but you have made us believers."

"Your efforts with us paid off and I am sure will continue to pay off."

"I appreciate the sensitivity and expertise you bring and your willingness to aggressively press us to do our work."

"You've taught us a lot this year. You've been a good teacher (and a patient one as well)!"

"I have been a part of a number of training sessions but feel that the days spent with you were the most significant of any of these kinds of experiences for me."

"Thank you for your help, care, thoughtfulness, concern and expertise in making our capital campaign so successful, rewarding and fun!"

"I wonder how successful our appeal would have been without your attention to the smallest details."